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Vlasta Kuster, MSc, an EFT specialist, a recognized expert in eliminating

anxiety and panic attacks


Permanently Remove Your Anxiety and Panic Attacks through 3-month Individual EFT therapy via Skype

"With more than 10 years of experiences I have already helped over 2400 people..."


My name is Vlasta and I am kindly greeting you. Welcome to explore the possibilities offered by EFT therapy.

Vlasta Kuster - Permanently Remove Your Anxiety and Panic Attacks

 Over the years, I discovered on my very skin that EFT can be used on different levels:

We alone can learn to tap and help ourselves when we do not feel well. We will probably be experiencing relaxation and relief, but our discomfort will soon return, as we have not even sensed the cause of our problems.

By tapping, we only just relieve and temporary remove the symptoms, but we do not reach a lasting solution to our emotional problems.

The very EFT procedure is simple, however it is not easy to work with own psyche, to reach our own subconscious patterns, to do away with the accumulated stress and strong negative emotions, etc.

In case of suffering because of panic attacks or anxiety, people usually cannot help themselves by tapping ....

In such cases, people usually need someone to handle this difficult challenge.

" Today I am free from antidepressants and tranqulizers..."

EFT therapy has changed my life, surely a lot for the better, which is why I would like to share this experience with you. In April this year, I broke down completely, I was not able even to stand up, let alone to go to work. I diagnosed myself with the "burnout", though it was much more than that: I spent the whole of April at home, in the apartment, lying, crying, sleeping, experiencing panic disorders, went to the doctor's who gave me an antidepressant and a psychiatric referral. I was to have an appointment with the psychiatrist in three months....

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I have experienced myself how difficult it is to live, if negative emotions are overflowing you, nobody understands you, and nobody can really help you.

I wanted to solve the real causes of my emotional problems, and only tapping on the level of eliminating the symptoms was not enough for me...

It was a long journey for me to comprehend this, and I wish no one would have to spend so much time and money as myself in order to discover what really works and what does not.

"Panic and fear have disappeared"

Let me first thank you for the meeting we had on Tuesday. I have to tell you that the operation was successful and without any problems. Panic and fear have disappeared, and really thank you for your help. I must also mention that there was a lot of laughter and conversation during the operation. I am really proud of myself, but without your help, I do not believe I would make it. I'm looking forward to the next meeting with you. Best regards,  Mateja

That is why I have prepared for you the programmes you find on this website through which you

  • permanently and quickly resolve anxiety and panic attacks.

You also learn how to use EFT for

  • improvement of your self-esteem,

  • elimination of negative limiting beliefs, and

  • achievement of personal and business success.

I offer you individual EFT therapy through which your emotional problems are solved; you just have to relax and trust me - this is the shortest and most effective way. (Before you decide, you can get a free personal consultation via Skype).

I look forward to meeting you,


Vlasta Kuster - Permanently Remove Your Anxiety and Panic Attacks with Individual EFT Therapy

Vlasta Kuster holds an MSc degree in Basic Medical Sciences and uses her 3-month EFT therapy in her work to help people to do away with panic attacks and anxiety for good. She has 10-year experiences in EFT therapy and achieves at least 90% success in permanently eliminating anxiety and panic attacks.