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Vlasta Kuster, MSc, an EFT specialist, a recognized expert in eliminating

anxiety and panic attacks


" Five years ago when my father died, I got to know anxiety..."

I believe that a kind of power has drawn me to you, to get to know EFT therapy. I call this power "love of myself". When you really want to change or heal or fix something within yourself, then you feel love. I wish to change myself in a way that I will be healthy, satisfied and happy in my life. And I am slowly achieving this with EFT therapy.

Five years ago when my father died, I got to know anxiety.

I started to fear I was going to die right after him, and ‘God forbid’ that I would feel the pain, especially in my chest or around my heart, because I immediately thought I would pass away.  This fear paralyzes so strongly that you simply cannot function anywhere, even at work. When it was getting worse, I had to see a psychiatrist, because I thought that was the only solution.With the pills I recovered after a year, but not completely since occasionally I still felt anxiety.

Different events have brought me that way. I was experiencing severe stress at work, for which I already wanted to end because I was no longer able to stand the pressure.

I became unemployed, and I felt easier for it. However, wounds remained in me, which Vlasta cleared away with the EFT therapy. Those were the wounds from my sad childhood, the wounds of friendship from my previous job. All this anger that has been accumulating all these years in me, I must admit that I simply do not feel any more, and those events I previously suffered from, do not touch me anymore. Many times I catch myself not fretted about the same things that I always used to be upset about before.

In short, I cleansed a lot of anger, sadness, anxiety, fear and dissatisfaction.

Today I feel much better and I am aware I have achieved this only with EFT therapy and Vlasta’s help.

I am ever so grateful that I got to know Vlasta and that she helped me with EFT therapy.

Thank you Vlasta for your EFT therapy.

"After 3 months of therapy, my daughter "took the reins in her hands"

I have had my first experience with EFT therapy through my daughter. When she went to college, she felt inadequate and helpless, she could not fit in, she believed she would not make it, in short, panic attacks and anxiety. In my desire to help my daughter, I was browsing online and found Vlasta. I sent her an e-mail, almost apologizingly, with an explanation of my daughter's problems, and she immediately contacted me to set the term for EFT therapy.

After 3 months of therapy, my daughter "took the reins in her hands" – planned the exams, passed all of them and is making good progress.She learned to handle her fears or negative feelings. She is really able to calm down and start solving a problem. She began to trust herself again. As a mom, I feel happy seeing my daughter pleased and successful.

During my daughter's visits to EFT therapy, I also got unwell myself (a serious lung-related issue), and on the recommendation of my daughter, I also began to attend therapies with Vlasta.

From therapy to therapy, I cleansed my bad memories and replaced them with feelings of unconditional love, acceptance of oneself, joy of life. Today I know that I am worthy, that I can pull myself together, that I am able to lose weight because food is only food for the body, and not for the soul......

I have other things for my soul, and I can have things that matter to me in the first place, regardless of the opinions of the surroundings. In short - that I am important and that I am worthy of a beautiful life, that I am important as a daughter of my parents, as a wife to my husband, as a mother to my children, as a daughter-in-law of my mother and father-in-law, as a manager in the business part of life, and I want to listen to myself and that's OK!

I managed to get this feeling inside me with the help of wonderful, loving Vlasta and her wonderful EFT therapy!

The thing really works and it's a wonderful feeling of security, when I know that I can calm down, reduce the feeling of anxiety and discomfort. Life is too beautiful to waste it!

Vlasta, dear Vlasta, thank you very much for your honest attitude, for your extraordinary empathy, which is just right professional as well as personal ! You rock !

Have a nice day and also lots of EFT!"


" Today I am free from antidepressants and tranqulizers..."

EFT therapy has changed my life, surely a lot for the better, which is why I would like to share this experience with you. In April this year, I broke down completely, I was not able even to stand up, let alone to go to work.

I diagnosed myself with the "burnout", though it was much more than that:I spent the whole of April at home, in the apartment, lying, crying, sleeping, experiencing panic disorders, went to the doctor's who gave me an antidepressant and a psychiatric referral ... ... I was to have an appointment with the psychiatrist in three months. It was at that time that something told me I had to find help myself.

Afterwards, everything happened by chance. In my favour. I went to work in May, and my best director said he knew a friend who handled EFT therapy - that if I wanted I could go and talk to her. Of course I agreed at once and called upon her, and on the very next day I found myself with the therapist Ms Vlasta Kuster, MSc. I must confess I had never believed in such and similar therapies, so that I was very skeptical, but I said to myself: "Trying is not a sin" :).

Perhaps I should add that during my whole life I had been accumulating a lot of harm, and that my break-down was inevitable:    

  • A very difficult childhood (alcohol - beating, sleeping in the barns)    
  • cheating in my marriage – my husband had children with another woman,    
  • a divorce,    

I alone raised my child in puberty,     the second marriage – my partner had an excessive-affectionate attachment to his parents, there was no room for me in his life, 4 years ago, my mother injured her head when she fell and remained immobile, placed in a home for elderly, overburdened at work...

So, then I found myself in the first conversation with the therapist. The very first contact with Ms. Vlasto Kuster, MSc, was something special, something different, the conversation.... I somehow felt the therapist, I had a feeling that I was the only person important to her at the time, that she would do everything to get me out of this pain... ... her hug at the end of our conversation.

Yes, right away, without a shadow of a doubt, I decided for a three month therapy. I did not even ask how much it costs, because at our first conversation I knew that she could help me, and that it was worth every cent. Namely, I did not function anymore, which was incomprehensible in my 50s.

We met once a week: I completed the self-image test ("0" is the best, "10" the worst), my self-esteem was "9" or "10".

The therapist said we would improve that in three months.That my self-image will be "0". To be honest, at the time I did not believe it.In the first weeks, month, or even more, I was only crying at the therapies, we processed everything step by step, from my childhood, from me as a little girl, the events that marked me in one way or another.

Each time after the end of the therapy, even if it was harsh, I felt different, easier, calm inside, certain things looked different...... even though for only a few days, but with every new session this period extended.

I was becoming another person, I was becoming like the one I had not been for a long time, and I always wanted to be - that there would be no pain, no chest tightness, no shaking inside.

Everyone around me was also asking me what had happened to me that I was so radiant. Today I am free from antidepressants and tranqulizers. I started to believe, trust that EFT therapy can get me to a whole new beginning.

I went with joy to every therapy, I could hardly wait for it because I knew that I would be strong again,  with every therapy I was building self-esteem,    

  • I was beginning to love myself,  I accepted certain things differently,  I made decisions differently,  but above all, that I was becoming stronger.

After half of the treatment, I decided to stop antidepressants so that the therapist would open up in me also those painful things hidden behind the antidepressants and cure them...

And yes - it worked.

Today I am free from antidepressants, my self-image is 0 (the best) - HURRAY.

Today I feel as if that April has never happened. Without Ms Vlasta’s treatment I would not have made it, and the question is where and what I would be like today.

Instead, I am a 50-year-old woman, full of energy, calm, I have a job, I enjoy life with my two children and grandchildren.

Now I'm strong again, almost nothing can break me. But if it does happen that I have a bad day, a bad feeling that something is or will not be all right, then I tap :).

I have already written too much, though I could write on and on about the positive experiences with EFT therapy and therapist Ms Vlasta. Since you visited this site, you must have a reason not hesitate…... contact Ms Vlasto Kuster, MSc.

Life is too short to hesitate, minutes are too precious ...... with the therapy you will live a full life again, live out your dreams. Now I see life differently. Thank you from the heart, therapist Ms Kuster, MSc,

I will be grateful to you forever.

Thank you, Ms Vlasta, MSc, Andreja